It’s been a pretty amazing few years for rockers Disturbed. They had a massive hit with their take on Sound Of Silence – bringing in a fan base that I don’t think anyone would have ever guessed would be spinning a Disturbed disc.

They followed up the success of that disc with Evolution – an album full of surprises. We get some of the heavy, thundering sound we are used to from the band but we also get songs like Hold On To Memories and A Reason To Fight were the band really spreads it’s wings and seems to have an important and powerful message they just need to tell us – showcasing the bands amazing versatile talents.

They’ll bring those talents to the Wolstein Center on Oct. 2nd. This is an amazing venue to see this band – it’s a more intimate hall and the acoustics just scream for a band of this size and volume to take the stage.

In This Moment will open things up. Gonna be a great show

Tickets are on sale now – Click and go grab your place. I’ll see you there.


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